Never Lore

All the signs of Fairyland's unraveling were there: a strict rationing of pixie dust; the disappearance of a magical species; a reckless recruitment of human children, plucked from rooftops and commissioned as spies... Annabelle: When her father was convicted of the most infamous crime in the history of the Kingdom of Shiversvalle, Annabelle embarked on a cold life of servitude, scrubbing the pigeon droppings from Mrs. Holmes’ roof deck every day of the week. Only the pigeons could have said who or what spirited her away from the rooftop—but the pigeons had disappeared, too. Fetch: Peter Pan's first mate Fetch-Me-Pipe had to step up when Peter disappeared, but strange things were happening in Never, and he needed all the help he could get to find out who was responsible. When Annabelle turned up, the two of them together made a volatile partnership, but rebel boys and indomitable girls had always been a combustible combination…


T. Cook and Nathan Okerlund

The Bookerlunds are an author team composed of Taya and Nathan Okerlund and their daughter Mimi. (Mimi made meaningful contributions to this book by insisting that hyenas make it into the manuscript.) And we’re glad she did.

Nathan is a neuroscientist who works in a laboratory at the University of Utah, studying model organisms such as nematodes to try to unlock the mysteries of neuro degeneration, or declines in the functioning of the brain. He has published a lot of papers before in peer reviewed journals, but this is his first work of fiction.

Taya is a multi award-winning author of SHIN and other novels. NeverLore is her first middle-grade novel.

"It keeps your imagination going the whole time...”

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Chapter 3 First Flight

Roofs don’t collapse without warning. And if they did, all their occupants would fall with them. It wasn’t the roof falling. She was rising. She was floating—no, wrong again, she was flying! With only a thought and a gesture of her hands she could steer, she could rise, she could dive, she could fly! Heart pounding in her chest and eyes shining, up she soared, out of the pigeon cage and over the rooftops.

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Chapter 2 Proximate Magic

Where had those messages turned boobytraps come from? They were strange, but not strange. Parlor tricks of that kind could barely raise a magician’s daughter’s eyebrows. Someone kind and a little bit clever had obviously made them and tossed them out the high windows above the alleyway. Who was it? Did she have a friend? The thought gave her a little thrill.

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My project 5

The beginning....

“You, child, must learn to feel and wear your shame in your appearance. It should touch your face and bear down your shoulders. You have nothing and you are nothing—and you are worse than nothing. You have robbed the great Commonwealth and her precious Queen. You are treachery’s spawn!

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