Spinning Silk

A brilliant weaver; a conscience stricken gardener; and a journey through deadly ancestral secrets. An orphan’s weaving genius ignites the envy of her peers, the possessiveness of her mill, and the hopes of an unborn nation. Furi knows she was born to create, but the fabric of her life otherwise weaves mysteries. These things are more than they appear: Shin, the gardener, with his unlikely power over life and death; A mysterious illness with a selective death route; Kitsuke artist Madame Sato who would fashion Furi into a reincarnation of her own dead daughter; A superstitious overlord with a fist of iron; The princess of a figurehead emperor, who has strange loyalties to a humble gardener; and The vaporous rumor of war with no apparent aggressor. Spinning Silk is a light novel with a second generation twist on Japan's traditional Tanabata tale.



We write books as a team and individually. As T. Cook, I am two books deep into the Warp, Weft and Weapon Trilogy as well as two young adult novels and other shorter published stories. Early in life, I made a big commitment to East Asia living in Taiwan, China and Japan. Some of my stories take inspiration from my time wandering there.

As the Bookerlunds, meaning Taya and Nathan Okerlund, we write The Fairy Files and associated short stories for middle-grade readers. We love the worlds we imagine for ourselves, our young daughter and children everywhere.

A fascinating blend of Japanese mythology and customs...”
A surprisingly dark, haunting story...”
It keeps your imagination going the whole time...”

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Sakurajima big

Japanese Afterlife

If you’re willing to climb high enough above the valley, you can avoid the crowds during cherry blossom viewing season. When I say climb in Kagoshima, I do mean climb. We cycled up a mountain, switching back through tunnels, thighs burning, mounting up to an orchard high above the city with a perfect cross bay view of Sakurajima. Blossoms open to their peak, fragrant pink and glossy with dew. Tranquilly innocent of picnickers.

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